Fulton Bikes

From flat fixes to custom builds we have you covered.

No matter what type of bike you ride our service team is here and ready to help you 7 days a week. Have a bike that needs some work? Bring it in and one of our service technicians will give you a free assessment giving you a breakdown of exactly what needs to be done to get your bike back in tip-top shape. We also strive to complete every repair in 24 hours or less, and many repairs including; flat fixes, adjustments, and accessory installation can be done while you wait. Bring your bike in today and our service team will have you back out on the streets in no time!

Why don't we list service prices here? 

It can be hard to tell exactly what your bike needs at home, sometimes it's a quick fix, other times it can be a little more involved. By bringing your bike in, one of our service technicians can assess it (for free of course) and give you an exact total, no surprises. If you have questions about pricing for specfic services feel free to give our service department a call! They'll be happy to help you.